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Trifac Workers Compensation Fund


Founded in 1997, the Trifac Fund provides Minnesota manufacturers with access to a workers compensation self-insurance option.  Since it's inception, more than 125 companies have benefited from reduced costs, an improved safety environment, and increased control over claims management.   Contact the association office at 800.654.5773 or for a referral to Mackinaw Administrators.  (Formerly known as Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Mackinaw is the TPA - Third Party Administrator of the Trifac Fund.)

Requirements for Membership in the Trifac Workers Compensation Fund 

  • Manufacturing facility located in Minnesota
  • Minimum workers compensation premium of $5,000
  • Maximum experience modification factor of 1.50
  • Financial statements done by CPA to reviewed or audited level

Requirements for Application & Membership.

  • All of the above.
  • $400 non-refundable check made payable to the Minnesota Department of Commerce. This is a one-time payment.
  • 3 years experience modification worksheets from MWCIA or NCCI.
  • 3 years WC policy declaration pages.
  • 3 years financial statements with at least the most current year at a review or audit level and done by a CPA. In addition, each year after joining the fund, a CPA must do the financial statement to either a review or audit level, and a copy provided to the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
  • Must be a member or become a member of Arrowhead Manufacturers & Fabricators Association, Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association, or Tri-State Manufacturers' Association.
  • Must be a member of the Trifac Workers Compensation Fund for 3-years. Members leaving prior to the three-year period are subject to withdrawal penalties.

The Trifac Fund is governed by an independent Board of Directors elected by members of the fund at the annual meeting each spring.


TriFac Workers Compensation Fund is part of Midwest Manufacturers' Association's MBiz Solutions.


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