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About TSMA

TSMA’s mission


Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association assists manufacturing related companies by providing advocacy, education, networking, and programs to enhance the success of members and their communities.

 Core values

  1. Tri-State Manufacturers' Association is committed to developing people and companies by providing opportunities for members to acquire industry relevant knowledge or skills.
  2. Integrity and trust are guiding principles for Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association.
  3. Tri-State Manufacturers' Association believes that open, accurate and timely communication is important to accomplishing its mission.
  • Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association serves the serving the Alexandria/Fergus Falls/Wahpeton region.
  • TSMA offers four categories of membership including manufacturers, distributors/suppliers, professional services, and K-12 education.
  • Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month, with the location rotating between Alexandria, Fergus Falls, and other locations.
  • Meetings are either held virtually or in-person. Both types of meetings feature a brief business meeting and speakers on topics of interest to manufacturers, while the in-person meetings typically include informal networking and a manufacturing plant tour.
  • See Events for upcoming meetings and events.

Founded in 1990, TSMA is a membership organization serving manufacturers in west central Minnesota and eastern North Dakota and South Dakota. The association was formed through a grass-roots effort of Minnesota manufacturers and North Dakota manufacturers wanting to accomplish more as a cohesive group than they could as individual, small companies. Membership has grown to include 175 companies.

  • TSMA’s manufacturing members are small companies, ranging in size from the one-man shop to a handful that have 300 to 400 employees.
  • TSMA’s manufacturing members are primarily involved in metal manufacturing, with plastics, textiles, woods and foods also represented. The majority are contract manufacturers, along with some OEM members.
  • TSMA also encourages membership from associate members – those who provide services of interest to the manufacturing community.
  • In 2017, members gained access to the Employer Health Plans, a program that gives companies with 5 or more employees access to a customized health insurance plan.
Board and committees


Located in Elbow Lake, MN, Midwest Manufacturers’ Association is a “central office” that provides services, programs and staffing to manufacturing trade associations. Members have particularly benefited from the Employer Health Plans and the other MBiz Solutions.

TSMA members enjoy a reciprocity agreement with AMFA and CMMA and may attend their meetings and events; call the office to learn more.


AMFA serves the Duluth, Superior and Arrowhead region. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at noon.


CMMA serves the St. Cloud region. Breakfast meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month.

2020 TSMA Annual report


Download the 2020 TSMA Snapshot covering activities and events in 2020.

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